As the mother of three children with neurodevelopmental differences, I am passionate about empowering families to help their child feel safe, stable, and successful in their bodies, relationships, and environments. I utilize a bottom-up approach, focusing on meeting a child at their developmental level, and addressing the root causes of any functional challenges they may be experiencing. I do this to ensure that the changes we make are long-lasting and happen in a way that honors a child's bodily autonomy and need for relational safety. I understand parenting a child with special needs, and have experienced firsthand the uncertainty, the overwhelm, the anxiety, the helplessness, and the grief that can accompany a diagnosis or referral. I also understand feeling dismissed or excluded from your child's treatment. You won't experience that with me. I recognize and respect that you are the expert when it comes to your child, and my hope is to support you in that role to the best of my ability.