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  • Offered as a stand-alone service or additional service for direct therapy clients. 

  • As a stand-alone service, we offer phone and virtual consultations to discuss concerns you may have about your child's overall development and options for services in the community or general developmental suggestions. Essentially it is your opportunity to pick an occupational therapist's brain, or have an OT-on-demand.

  • As an additional service for direct therapy clients, we offer separate, more in-depth caregiver consultations between sessions via phone or virtual meetings. It's hard to get all your questions answered during treatment sessions each week, so this gives you the opportunity to get more support to facilitate your understanding of your child's neurodevelopmental functioning. This, in turn, helps to bolster what is happening during direct treatment sessions. The work that happens between sessions at home is key for a child's progress. This service provides caregivers an option to have longer, less hurried time to to get the support and education they may be seeking.

  • Consultation is not a billable service, so it is self-pay with bulk rates available to pay in advance for a block of consultation sessions at a discounted rate.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching
  • Offered as a stand-alone service or additional service for direct therapy clients.

  • Coaching differs from consultation in that it is focused more on providing specific and extensive education and understanding of how to implement trauma and attachment-responsive and neurodevelopmentally-informed methods and tools to address the biggest, most baffling behaviors that perplex and frustrate so many caregivers. There are an abudance of behavioral programs and service providers who operate from the model of behavior modification or cognitive behavioral interventions. While these methods may be helpful when a child is in a regulated state, many children struggle the most with achieving the regulated state that makes that possible.

  • Coaching with Anchor & Arrow offers caregivers the opportunity to learn methods that meet a child where they are at and work with, rather than against, the nervous system to help the child who is struggling with emotional regulation or nervous system dysregulation. It helps offer solutions for kids who are stuck in fight/flight behaviors or completely shut down.

  • Flexible structure, with in-person and virtual options available. 

  • As with consultation, it is not a billable service, so it is self-pay with a block of coaching sessions purchased in advance.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy
  • We offer traditional occupational therapy services, such as methods that address:

    • Fine and gross motor skill development

    • Self-care skill development

    • Visual-perceptual and visual-motor skill development

    • Reflex and primary movement pattern integration 

    • Oculomotor coordination

    • Bilateral coordination

    • Oral motor skill development

    • Feeding aversion

    • Sensory integration

  • While we address the same skills, we emphasize bottom-up approaches in the provision of our treatment that recognize that a child needs to feel safe and be regulated before they can effectively participate in and benefit from many of the skill development interventions. Therefore, nervous system state and regulation are prioritized, with skills being scaffolded onto that paradigm to provide the right intervention at the right time. See the "What We Believe" section for more.

  • Occupational therapy is a billable service based on medical necessity and your insurance plan benefits. Some caregivers opt to do self-pay and we have that option for those who choose to do so.

Autism Intervention

Developmental and Relational
Autism Intervention

  • Many parents and other caregivers of children who receive an autism diagnosis are steered into behavioral approaches as the "gold-standard" for autism intervention, despite autistic adults speaking out against such methods. They are told that is the only or best intervention for their child and they feel they have no options. In Ohio, early intervention offers the PLAY Project to families, but once children age out of those services, they largely have nowhere else to go that supports the same kind of developmental and relational approach in working with autistic children to address and develop social-emotional and engagement skills from a more organic and natural perspective.

  • At Anchor & Arrow Therapy, we offer a stepping stone for those children transitioning from early intervention, and an alternative for those just entering the overwhelming world of intervention services whose caregiver's don't wish to involve their children in behavioral programs. We offer an opportunity to learn this gentle, relational, developmental, effective, and evidence-based apporoach to those seeking services who may not have been exposed to previously. Gina is DIR/Floortime and PLAY Project trained, so has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer to families interested in this method of intervention.

  • May be billable if deemed medically-necessary. Otherwise, county vouchers and self-pay are options. 

TummyTime! Method

TummyTime! Method

  • Parents are routinely told the importance of placing their baby on their tummy for "tummy time" for optimal development. While this is an appropriate recommendation, it largely isn't accompanied by an explanation or solution for what to do when a baby doesn't "tolerate" tummy time. Because of a number of factors, this aversion to being on the belly has become more and more common and parents are left with feelings of guilt either for not getting in the time because they can't bear to put their baby through the distress they're experiencing; or because they push through against their insincts and get the tummy time in, but with a relationship rupture because of suppressing their natural desires to comfort their baby.

  • There are so many reasons a baby might not feel comfortable on their belly, and those can be elusive for parents and often their pediatricians are unable to provide the answers parents are looking for.

  • Tummy time is essential for optimal development due to all of the innate maturational processes that happen in this position uniquely. Therefore, there needs to be a way to help more parents help their babies achieve comfort with this developmental position. 

  • TummyTime! Method (TTM) is one such program that offers a solution to parents to gently and responsively address the challenges their baby is having with tummy time. TTM is about so much more than just the position of being on the belly, however. It is a relationally-attuned, nervous system state-responsive approach that accomplishes so much with such ease and simplicity. The effects are powerful and give babies a boost in their development that has become compromised for many babies due to intolerance for tummy time.

  • Gina is an advanced TummyTime! Method certified provider offering individual and small group TTM services. It is not a billable service unless the baby has a medical reason for referral. There are self-pay rates availabe for a block of sessions. Purchasing a block is a unique and developmentally impactful baby shower gift. 

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