There are MANY options available when it comes to therapy services for infants and children. Choosing the best fit for your child and family can be an overwhelming decision based on a number of different factors. My apprach to therapy may not match your expectations or prior experiences of occupational therapy (OT) or other therapeutic interventions with your child. I consider that to be a positive thing to the extent that it means I am offering something different and helping to change the paradigm through which we view infant and child development, and the various contibutors to the challenges chidren face. I have come to understand through my almost 2 decades of practice, that there are an alarming number of children who have immature nervous systems that keep them stuck in the stress responses of fight, flight, freeze, and fawn. Many infants and children don't feel safe or stable in their own bodies. This lack of a felt sense of safety and stability affects every other area of development and functioning, and interferes with the ability to develop resiliency and to make the connections and build the pathways in the nervous system that will result in maturation and integration. When these lower lying processes and systems aren't addressed, it results in longer periods of time in therapy, more effort and energy expended to make gains and meet goals, and increased frustration and burn out for children and parents alike. I have found that substantial progress can be made significantly sooner once the right neural components are brought online and the connections are made. This happens through a process of firing and wiring together. I aim to facilitate that firing and wiring process that has been disrupted along the way. It is a much gentler and more neurologically sound approach, supported by the latest in neuroscience research, and borne out in the positive outcomes seen in therapy. 

Clean Bubbles

Fostering Neuroplasticity, Safety, and Resiliency