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Are You the Parent of a Child with Big, Baffling Behaviors?

I am. My hand goes WAY UP in response to this question. As I know it does for so many parents and other caregivers these days. Life is so hard and seems to be getting harder all the time. And the ways were we brought up, or the ways we have always done things, just aren't working any more. And, if we're being really honest, they never really did. Not in a way that recognizes what is truly driving the baffling behaviors that we see in our children. Not in a way that gets to the root of the problem and builds true resilience in children, so they are ready to weather the storms of life without the shelter of our protection when that time comes. We know SO MUCH MORE now about the brain and the nervous system and it's time that we equip parents with this same knowledge so you, too, can have the inside scoop on what makes our kids struggle; what we can do to help them struggle less; and how we can struggle less in the process as well, because we are the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL in the tool box. Truly.

The Being With parent course is taught in three sections.

1) The first section goes over the neurobiology of behavior. It's the why.

2) The second section is all about what most of us are seeking when we are looking for help...the tools...the "how to fix it" part. It's the what.

3) The third and final and MOST IMPORTANT section is all about YOU. Now that you know why and what, it's the how. And also why it's still hard even when you know why and what.

Because let's face it. We probably have read lots of books and blogs and podcasts under our belts. And still our children struggle. Some of us are professionals who do this for a living and still our children struggle. So this isn't about magic solutions, but it IS about making changes that have lasting impacts, and moving you forward in a more postive trajectory than you are currently on. And doing it TOGETHER. With other folks who get it.


Three Core Tenets of Being With

Behavior is Just a Clue

It's what we see on the outside that gives us some information about what might be happening on the inside.

We All Need Connection to Survive

If your child is behaving in a way that makes us not want to be connected to them, we can pause and ask "what's up with that?". 

Regulated, Connected Kids Who Feel Safe Behave Well

To change children's behaviors, we will look for ways to increase regulation, connection, and felt-safety.

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