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Finding Your Child's Anchor

and Following Your Child's Arrow

The ANCHOR in the name of our business has a two-fold meaning. The first part of the meaning has to do with working with you, as the primary caregiver, to find and remove those challenges and obstacles in your child's life that are holding them back or weighing them down. 


At the same time, we want to help find the holes or gaps that may be present in your child's development and fill those in, providing them with the grounding or anchoring that occurs with increased physical, emotional, and relational safety and stability.

The ARROW, on the other hand, represents our approach of following your child's lead in therapy, focusing on the activities that are meaningful to them, and utilizing those to engage your child and gently coax them toward increased confidence and mastery.


It additionally signifies how a gentle approach to therapy can shoot your child forward toward a brighter future, having been freed from all that was holding them back from achieving their goals and the goals you have for them.  

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